Naga City to distribute 5kg rice per member of household

NAGA CITY — Each member of the household or family in Naga City shall be receiving 5kg of rice amid the ongoing Enhanced Community Quarantine over Luzon.

In a radio interview over RMN DWNX Naga, City Administrator Frank Mendoza further clarified that each member of the household or family shall receive 5kg of rice. This is on top of the earlier rice relief assistance given by each barangay and the 10kg per household given by the city government.

Everyone in the city will be given the 5kg rice relief assistance regardless of status, as per the directive of the city.

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The forms will be distributed to every household, as with previous distribution of relief assistance, and collected by the barangay officials or representatives.

For those with printers, one can download the forms here:, and submit it to the barangay officials or representatives.

Watch the full interview with City Administrator Frank Mendoza here:

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